The Chess Team is the highly secret Delta of Deltas unit created by Jeremy Robinson in PULSE, with its origin story later told in PRIME.

The Team is originally comprised of:

Jack Sigler, call sign King

Zelda Baker, call sign Queen

Erik Somers, call sign Bishop

Shin Dae-jung, call sign Knight

Stan Tremblay, call sign Rook

The Team appears together in:

PRIME: The origin story, where President Tom Duncan realizes that there are world wide threats that not even Special Forces are capable of handling, and sets out to create a team that can.

PULSE: Deep Blue sends the Team after Richard Ridley and his company Manifold Genetics in order to stop it from using the not-so-mythical Lernean Hydra to create regenerating super soldiers.

INSTINCT: The Team tracks the Brugada Syndrome - a disease that can kill men in seconds, and has already killed the President - to a cave in Vietnam, where they encounter the last remaining Neanderthals.

THRESHOLD: Richard Ridley is back, and this time he is creating golems - one of which destroys Fort Bragg, the home of the Chess Team. The Team has to fight to stop Ridley before he can fully learn the Mother Tongue and use it to destroy humanity. Meanwhile, Deep Blue is facing some major decisions of his own.

RAGNAROK: After being separated and fighting threats individually during the CHESSPOCALYPSE NOVELLAS, the Team comes together once again when portals begin appearing all over the world, unleashing Dire Wolves to kill and kidnap humans into an alternate dimension.

OMEGA: The epic final battle with Richard Ridley finally comes to a head... only King has been kidnapped! The JACK SIGLER CONTINUUM happens during the events of this book.

SAVAGE: King has returned, and now a threat is brewing that could destroy all of Central Africa. The Team faces one of its most harrowing battles yet, this time with dire consequences.

CANNIBAL: As the Team is still reeling from the events of SAVAGE, they are brought in to face one of the oldest mysteries in the United States: the demise of the Lost Colony in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the very modern threat that is about to unleash its power on an unsuspecting United States.

ENDGAME: After the events of CANNIBAL, former President Tom Duncan is interrogated about his involvement with the Chess Team.

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